Localization engineering and testing for localization agencies

If you are looking for an experienced senior localization engineer or localization tester you have come to the right place. Johnny has several years of experience in all aspects of localization engineering and software testing from project preparation, testing, bug fixing and software building – with a background as software developer he also has experience in developing localization tools and other types of software.

Localization engineering for developers/software manufacturers

If you are used to outsource entire localization projects to a single vendor you should consider hiring us to do a sanity check on the files you are sending to your localization vendor. An important part of localization engineering is preparing files for translation and verifying and converting them to the build environment. In these processes the translation process can often be optimized drastically, and we have seen many projects where the customer could have saved a big amount of money by preparing the files before handing them of to the localization vendor.

Localization testing

We also have a lot of experience in both linguistic and technical testing. No matter how much reference material a translator has available there will be mistranslations which will only be found testing a running version of the translated software. In addition there is a big risk that links in web sites or online help files gets corrupted during the translation, and mistranslation can also lead to broken functionality in the software.

Mac and Windows

We are running both Mac and Windows, and using desktop virtualisation we can quickly setup other PC operating systems, for example Linux, if required for testing purposes.

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