How to: Create a custom filter in XLIFF Editor

Read more about why you should be using filters in XLIFF Editor in Filtering in Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor.

How to create a custom filter

As described in Filtering in Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor we often need a filter to filter out 100% matches and high fuzzy matches. Here’s how to create the filter.

  1. Select Edit > Edit Filters
  2. Click Add in the top of the dialog to open the dialog Add New
  3. Type the name of the filter, for example 0-90% matches
  4. Click Add on the left of the dialog Edit filters
  5. Click the drop down has target and select the value match percent value.
  6. Select is on the third drop down
  7. Type the value <90 in the fourth drop down
  8. Click Close.

The new filter is now available in the Filter drop down in the top left of the XLIFF Editor window.

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