How to: Generate LocVer reports in Microsoft LocStudio

If you work in LocStudio you know that you should run LocVer to check that some defined rules are followed.

Often you will be asked to deliver the LocVer report, but often the report is not generated as a file, and if you have several files in the same folder you risk that they are named the same and that existing LocVer reports are overwritten.

How to generate LocVer reports in LocStudio 6.x:

  1. Open the LSPKG file in LocStudio
  2. Select Software > Project Settings
  3. Select the Translation Platform tab
  4. Find the section Localization Verification (LocVer) Settings > Logging Settings in the list area
  5. Select Output to log file, remove the check mark from Use User Settings in the Project Settings section, and then select On on the drop down in the Project Settings section
  6. Select Log file name in the Logging Settings section in the list area
  7. Remove the check mark from Use User Settings in the Project Settings section, and then change the file name from locver.log to locver_%EDBNAME%.log.

The Project Settings dialog should look something like this:

When you run LocVer on the resources in the file, LocStudio generates a log file where ‘%EDBNAME%’ is replaced by the file name of the LSPKG file.

  1. That’s so helpful! Thank you! 🙂

  2. How to set these settings as default LocStudio settings?

    • Unfortunately you can’t set them as default settings in LocStudio. Most settings are saved with the database.

      You might be able to set them in the registry, but I haven’t really checked.

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