What is software localization?

There are a number of different definitions, but we suggest reading the description at the LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) home page.

How can we help?

We are focusing on the linguistic layer of software localization which involves translating the user interface in the software, translating user assistance (manuals, online help, elearning), resizing of the user interface to make the text fit in the on-screen elements, proofreading and editing, and LQA (Linguistic Quality Audit), but we can also offer assistance in localization engineering and localization testing.

Are we any good?

We started word gallery in 2001, and since the start we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers about our professional services. Before starting word gallery we both worked several years in one of the largest international localization agencies. This gave us a lot of experience in working in an international environment both in-house and as outsourced resources, and we have experience in all aspects of a localization project including project management, translation, proofreading and editing, compiling software and online help, testing, bug fixing and more. This means that we already know where you are headed with your project, and we know what you expect from us.

How about answering the question? Are we any good? We think so. And fortunately our customers agree. And with our combination of linguistic and technical skills we are able to localize almost any type of software or other IT related material.

Which projects have we worked on?

Well, we won’t tell. All customer and project related information are treated as confidential information. What we can tell is what types of projects we have been involved in, but you won’t get any product or customer names.

  • Operating systems | Office suites | Antivirus software | ERP systems | CRM systems
  • Games (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PC) | Online help | User manuals
  • Server hardware manuals | Mobile phone software | Web sites | Marketing material, newsletters and folders
  • And more…

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