‘Transcreation’ is one of the newer buzzwords in the localization and online marketing industries.

The purpose is to not translate your text directly, but to adapt it specifically to the local market and/or a specific marketing campaign.

Transcreation is closer related to (copy)writing marketing texts than translation.

The transcreation process can be performed in two ways:

1) Based on your source text we find the relevant keyword(s) for your text, and we optimize your text to both search engines and your website visitors.


2) You provide us with a general style guide for your content, a list of bullets highlighting the subject of your text, and a list of the primary and secondary keywords.

Note! If you are not sure if you should have your content translated or transcreated we suggest that you try both for a few of your web pages and then do an A/B split test to see what your visitors prefer.

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