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Shortcut keys for spell checker in Word

In the latest versions of Word functions and settings are displayed in a pane on the right instead of in a dialog. When running the spell checker and other functions the shortcuts in the pane aren’t accessible, and you have to use the mouse to select buttons. […]

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String length restrictions in Idiom Translation Workbench

When working in Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench (IWDW)/Idiom Translation Workbench you might have experienced that you cannot edit a translated string to anything longer than the existing string. If the string is new, you cannot create a translation longer than the source string, or if the string […]

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Running Office 365 Home Premium/Office 2013 in VMWare

I just recently installed Office 365 Home Premium on Windows 7 that is running in VMWare on a Mac. Unfortunately the Ribbon and other graphics are entirely black. This is my Word start screen – not entirely useful. I can only see the tooltip for the hovered […]

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Installing filters in Microsoft LocStudio

Today I received a mail via with a question about how to import a filter into LocStudio. This is very easy to do: Make sure LocSudio is not open. Copy the filter file (.lsf) to the folder C:\%ProgramFiles%\LocStudio\filters. Start LocStudio. The filter is now available in […]

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LocCultures error in LocStudio 4.8

From time to time I get an error in LocStudio 4.8 that refers to the LocCultures.xml file. Usually the error occurs when running the LocVer function, but sometimes the error occurs when editing a resource in LocStudio, and the content of the resource then cannot be changed. […]

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Translating PowerPoint notes

If you are using Trados TagEditor to translate PowerPoint files you will notice that comments cannot be edited, and the comments are also not included in the word count in your file analysis. In Trados 2007 the solution to this is very simple: Select SDL International in […]

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Installing Microsoft LocStudio 4.8 on Windows 7

I have experienced problems installing LocStudio 4.8 on Windows 7. When installing I get an error that .NET Framework 2.0 must be installed, but when installing .NET Framework 2.0 I get an error that this is already part of the operating system. I found out that the […]

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Copying between Excel and Word

In translation you often receive Excel files for translation that aren’t easily prepared for translation. A common solution is to copy the columns in the Excel sheet to Word, translate the text using Word and your favorite TM tool, and then copy the translations back into Excel. […]

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Filtering in Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor

Filtering in the XLIFF Editor for Translation Workspace is a brilliant solution, and I think it’s the first translation tool that really helps the proofing process. It can be a difficult task to make a translation tool that is useful for all translators as we all work […]

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How to: Create a custom filter in XLIFF Editor

Read more about why you should be using filters in XLIFF Editor in Filtering in Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor. How to create a custom filter As described in Filtering in Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor we often need a filter to filter out 100% matches and high fuzzy […]

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