Microsoft LocStudio

Installing filters in Microsoft LocStudio

Today I received a mail via with a question about how to import a filter into LocStudio. This is very easy to do: Make sure LocSudio is not open. Copy the filter file (.lsf) to the folder C:\%ProgramFiles%\LocStudio\filters. Start LocStudio. The filter is now available in […]

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LocCultures error in LocStudio 4.8

From time to time I get an error in LocStudio 4.8 that refers to the LocCultures.xml file. Usually the error occurs when running the LocVer function, but sometimes the error occurs when editing a resource in LocStudio, and the content of the resource then cannot be changed. […]

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Installing Microsoft LocStudio 4.8 on Windows 7

I have experienced problems installing LocStudio 4.8 on Windows 7. When installing I get an error that .NET Framework 2.0 must be installed, but when installing .NET Framework 2.0 I get an error that this is already part of the operating system. I found out that the […]

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How to: Generate LocVer reports in Microsoft LocStudio

If you work in LocStudio you know that you should run LocVer to check that some defined rules are followed. Often you will be asked to deliver the LocVer report, but often the report is not generated as a file, and if you have several files in […]

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