Translation that SELLS your products and services

27,000 Danish Google users search for ‘antivirusprogram’ each month,
but only 1,000 searches for ‘antivirussoftware’
and no one searches for ‘beskyttelse mod virus’ (‘virus protection’)

Traditional translation focus on consistency, automation, and lower costs.
We focus on getting your marketing messages through to your customers – so you can sell more.

* Choose the right terminology
Diversity is the key. If you sell ‘shower curtains’ your translation agency
might translate consistently using only one of the words ‘bruseforhæng’
or ‘badeforhæng’. If you stick to consitency you lose 50 % of the potential visitors to your
website as the current number of searches for ‘badeforhæng’ and ‘bruseforhæng’
in Googles search engine is almost the same.

* Translations that are optimized for search engines
Consistency in phrases are often highlightet as important to improve the source text.
When writing for the web you should avoid consistency in the form of duplicate content.
Just as you don’t want to have duplicate pages in a book the search engines do not like
duplicate pages in their indexes. In addition synonyms are important to target your text
for the maximum number of internet users.

* Optimize your style guide for writing to consumers and search engines – not for linguists
Style guides have for long been one of the most important tools for translators to
ensure a consistent writing style between translators. A style guide is perfect for
some types of translation, but for your website it has to focus on optimizing the text
for selling your services or products and for search engine optimization.

* CRO – Conversation Rate Optimization
If you want to optimize your website to perfection, you need to test different texts in
descriptions and buttons for selling your products and services. We can help you provide
different scenarios for split testing your site content.



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